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Sabai Thai Body Balancing And Massage Centre

Hamilton, Bermuda       November 26, 2014
Sabai Thai Body Balancing And Massage Centre: Phone: (441) 292-6456

Thai massage in Bermuda is often implemented as a spa treatment, but its roots are in a detailed medical model from Thailand. We are keeping in mind Thai massage is much more than just a spa treatment and has an in-depth medical theory as its foundation. This authentic approach of Thai Massage is making a huge difference in both expected result and customer satisfaction. Sabai Thai Massage offers you the highest level of Thai Massage. Sabai Thai Massage is proud to introduce you with this unique Thai massage technique, Thai Body Balancing! It works on, well......... everything!!

From muscles and tendons, to ligaments and on the alignment of your body to help reduce aches and pains. Discover within our website all the advantages and benefits of the Thai Massage and Body Balancing.


Additional Details

Street:131 Front Street
Phone:(441) 292-6456
Hours of Operation:9am to 8pm Mondays to Sundays

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