24/7 Ink The Print Shop

Warwick, Bermuda       October 29, 2014
  • 24/7 Ink The Print Shop
  • 24/7 Ink The Print Shop
  • 24/7 Ink The Print Shop
24/7 Printshop and Found It!! Phone: (441) 532-0247

24/7 Ink The Print Shop
Full service printshop for all your printing needs. See our flyer for more information.

Found It!!

Found It! Clothing and Container Labels

Found It! clothing labels are super durable and will work on all kinds of fabric.

These labels are fantastic for individuals going into nursing care. Kids clothes name labels are also perfect for kids school uniforms. Our labels will withstand all washing machines and tumble driers! 100 Washes!

You will find endless uses for our labels. Use these name labels for clothes, outerwear, accessories, laundry bags, and more.

Our labels can be used around the house as well as in daycare, school and camp and nursing homes as well. By using Found It! labels for camp and school your child belongings will be recognized easily and you will have fewer items lost. Many nursing home residents also can use these labels for their personal belongings to make them identifiable effortlessly.

Thank you Omar Smith 24/7 Ink & Found It! Labeling

Additional Details

Street:21 Ord Road
Zip:WK 09
Phone:(441) 532-0247
Hours of Operation:24/7

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