Positive Solutions

Sandys, Bermuda       October 8, 2014
Positive Solutions Ltd: Phone: (441) 595-3686 | positivesolutionsbda@gmail.com

Positive Solutions is dedicated to providing quality sustainable and restorative environmental solutions for air/water/food purification products and services for the people of Bermuda. By embracing strategic partnerships in high-tech quality RGF products, Positive Solutions is able to help the community of Bermuda to improve their overall quality of life. We aspire to be the premier provider of quality environmental restoration solutions along with air/water/food treatment and purification products for the people of Bermuda.

For information, pricing and ordering please contact:
Carlos Dion Brown
CEO/Senior Engineer
RGF Certified Advanced Indoor Air Specialist
Positive Solutions Ltd.


(RGF Environmental Group Authorized Distributor)

Additional Details

Mailing:P.O. Box SBBX 189, Sandy’s Bermuda SB-01
Phone:(441) 234-3686
Mobile:(441) 595-3686